Wednesday, November 9, 2011

TGC offering actual gameboards

Example new TGC board.
Image from their post (linked above)
See here.  These look as good as regular gameboards, and I assume the printing and development interface will meet TGC's high standards.  At $10 a pop, they add significantly to the cost of your game, but this is still a killer feature, allowing you to produce nearly any component via TGC.

They're originally 18"x18" and fold twice to 9"x9", which means they'll fit in TheGameCrafter's new standard black boxes.  Pretty cool.  I'm going to see if I can stretch/pad the Yoggity artwork to fit and then get one printed up.  Hopefully it will also work for my product-in-development, Zombie Ball.


  1. Now if they could only get cardboard cut parts for circles, hexes and squares, they might be able to handle half of the games I am trying to design. =P

  2. I think they're planning this (they've mentioned it in several posts), but as I understand it, printing onto thicker materials is much harder than thinner - that's why the gameboards work, because they're printed onto stickers and then stuck to the board. For tiles, they need to have a die cutter and a different printer.