Monday, July 4, 2011

The Game Crafter v 2.0

Some really exciting changes at The Game Crafter described here.  The biggest in my opinion will be the chip-board game boards, the much better profit-sharing, and the box options.  But nearly all of it sounds like a great improvement.  The requirement that a game be purchased at least once before being released should also cut back on the ocean o' crap that print-on-demand services suffer from.  And if they can solve the nagging card-cutting issues, then that should be really great too.

I'll have to see how my games transition - I'm going to have some problems with Yoggity, since the game board is sized at their board size that's being discontinued, but I can probably figure something out.

This sounds really cool.

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  1. Hi Dave ...

    I will be at the TGC table at GenCon in Indy in August for an afternoon. Let me know if you would like me to include one of your games when I demo that day. My kids and I really enjoy Diggity -- but whichever game you think might show the best at GenCon would be fine.

    E-mail me (matt -at- mwgames -dot- com) if you'd like me to take something of yours along.