Friday, September 9, 2011

Dueling D6's: Combat Odds for 6-sided dice

I've been working on a design recently in which I am thinking of using a pretty standard style of dice-based combat resolution. I first saw it in the game Mystic Wood, then in Talisman, and in a similar pirate-themed game called Sword and Skull.  Each player rolls a die and adds a bonus to it; high roll wins.  I did the math (not hard math) to figure out what a 1-point or 2-point advantage is worth in this scenario. I knew it wouldn't be linear, but I was curious how it looked.  The zone for ties gets smaller as your advantage increases, and a +4 isn't too different from a +5 in terms of results except that you can actually lose a +4 battle a fraction of the time. Anyway, here are the results.


  1. I enjoy graphs like these. There's so many different ways of solving stuff (like combat) but you always have to think about the probabilities, especially if using dice.

    This seems like a decent way of solving combat, if the combat happens often enough (or play a small part in the game) that the combat part have to be quick.

    I often try to include dice in the games I design, however they seem to be excluded in later versions of them. Don't know why... Well there is one thing I hate, and that is random dumb luck. I don't like losing games just because I rolled worse than the opponent.

    Thanks for taking your time posting, I enjoy reading the posts :)

  2. I'm glad you found it useful. I did another one, for 2d6 vs. a modified d6 - interesting; maybe I'll post that too.

    Thanks for the kind words!