Sunday, August 12, 2018

New Puzzle Game - Dr. Esker's Notebook

I've been working on a new puzzle card game over the summer. It's modeled after an escape room experience, but based in a deck of cards. The cards have a series of puzzles to solve, each with differing mechanics. It's been a fun time, and I've tested it with a lot of folks, including family and friends. I also sent some copies to volunteers my college class, which I figured would have some puzzle enthusiasts.

Anyway, it's been a fun project. So fun that I've made up another two puzzle decks. The thing is called Doctor Esker's Notebook, and the conceit is that a mysterious professor has left behind a puzzle-filled notebook. The game cards are scans of pages from this notebook (which I actually made in real life with, like, glue and stuff).

Website is here:

I'm wondering if this is something I could print and sell - got bitten by that bug again. Might go through with it this time.


  1. DriveThruRPG ( provides print on demand services, including for cards. They've been very easy to work with for me so far.

    1. Thanks, John - I've been pretty happy with for print on demand. They can do a single game with box for $10.35. I'll check out DriveThru and compare prices. For a larger print run from a manufacturer, I can get it down to $2-4 per copy for the same thing, which is a cost-of-goods that I can work with much better.