Friday, April 16, 2010

BGDF design showdown for April

I entered the monthly design contest on BGDF for the first time this month. The prompt for the contest was to use this image of warning signs in some way: I don't think my entry (called Drunken Strippers Ahead) was stunningly original, as it borrows mechanics from several different games (e.g. Dictionary, Apples to Apples, Dixit) and the principle of the joke (misinterpreting warnings) from something I saw on the web a couple of years ago, but I imagine it might be fun to play, especially if you're with clever, funny people, as I often am. We'll see how the contest goes. I'll link to my entry when it's up, and let you know how I do.

I love the title, if nothing else. And I suppose having something involving drunken strippers on my blog here might drive some traffic, although not the kind of traffic I'm looking for. We'll see what Google Analytics says.

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