Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Manufacturing quotes

I sent around for a few more manufacturing quotes over the last couple of days.  One source in China says they can do the games for $1.32 each, FOB China.  What I've learned FOB means is that they get it onto a ship somewhere in China, and I'm responsible for the transport, tracking, customs, insurance, and additional shipping within the U.S. once the product reaches here.

My problem is that I don't have much of a way to know what that's going to cost.  Also, the rest of the quote is very limited in terms of details, so I don't even know what to ask about in terms of size, weight, number of cartons, etc.  I've asked for more information, and I've done some research, but it's pretty frustrating - the production price sounds very good there, but without the shipping and importation costs, it's hard to know how good a deal it would end up being.

Not to mention the difficulties involved in working with people and sending money halfway around the world, where our laws don't apply and recourse is nearly impossible.  But if I can save myself many thousands of dollars, I'd better look into it.

I'm also looking at a few more domestic printing options, so hopefully I can get a comparison there.  Interesting stuff, but I'm in the dark on a lot of this, working to enlighten myself.


  1. Hi there again. =)

    An easy way of making tiles is to just do them on cards and ad a "cut here" section, that way they can make there won tiles. Well just a quick coment on the tiles.

    Regarding youre factory situation in china I can say I have no experience my self but I know of some people who do.

    My first till would be to listen to the game tradeshow podcast. Realy exelent, the show is called GTS09 on iTunes. The episode you want is number 18, Getting the most out of youre chinees manufacturer. It takes up al the things you need to know befor manufacturing somthing in China basicly.

    The second is going to http://michaelmindes.com/, the founder of Tasty Minstrel Games, or one of them atleast. On his bloog he talkes about getting his games produced in china, he got both of the companys games produced at the same time in China. And emailing him and asking him directly is alson nice. He is a realy helpfull and nice person. =)

    But first litle to the podcast, I think it is the persons running Bucephalus Games that is the talker (cant remember exactly). So take alisten I can say it will defenetly be worth the 1 houre you will spend, probobly taking notes but still =)

    Best regards

  2. Thanks for the suggestions - I'll have to check the GTS program out.

    I've read up on Michael's experience - it sounds like his initial Chinese manufacturing run wasn't great. I've got a quote from the company he used, and it was very cheap, but I'm worried given his experience.