Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Artist on board? reports on a new small Italian game company called Albe Pavo, which consists of a designer plus an artist.  That's something that could be really useful to me - an artist on board.  The art for the game looks neat - very ancient Rome.

It seems like you need three components to make a successful small game company:
  1. A game designer
  2. An artist
  3. A business person
Now, these roles can be combined into one person.  I've known of folks who were 1 and 2 combined, although it's rare to see somebody who can do both well.  My guess is that if you were 2 and 3, you'd be running a graphic design shop and not worried about games.  I'm trying to be 1 and 3 together and outsourcing my art, which I hope will work. Tasty Minstrel seems to have a separate #1 and #3, although they're now outsourcing #1 some.

It looks like Albe Pavo have #1 and #2 - I wonder how they're covering #3?

And of course, there's

    4.  A pile of money to light on fire

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