Friday, April 28, 2023

Doctor Esker's Notebook listed as one of the best escape room card games

 Escape Room Data has listed Doctor Esker's Notebook as one of its top Escape Room card games. Pretty neat!

Return of Doctor Esker's Notebook now available

I've now sent all the Return of Doctor Esker's Notebook games out to Kickstarter backers that I can at this point (some folks are waiting to combine Return with the fourth game due out later this year). Therefore, with those generous backers taken care of, I'm pleased to start offering the newest Esker game for sale via my website and Amazon. 

More info and a link to get yours here: 

Thursday, January 26, 2023


 I took part in the 52nd Ludum Dare game jam as I have in the past. This time, the theme was "Harvest," and I created a fruit harvesting rat shooting game called Froot. I used MidJourney for some of the art (having no artistic skill of my own) and was pretty pleased with how it looked.

You can play the game in your browser here.

Return of Doctor Esker's Notebook

 Hi, all -

Just wanted to share that the third game in the Doctor Esker's Notebook series, Return of Doctor Esker's Notebook, is now complete and at the printer. I ran a Kickstarter for it (here) that I probably should have mentioned on this blog, although I haven't posted here much recently.

If the last two print runs are any guide, the game should be printed, through customs, and ready for players within a couple months. The Kickstarter did well enough that we reached one of the stretch goals, which was an all-new fourth Esker game, coming late 2023.