Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oceans Elevens

I'm guest-hosting the monthly Game Design Showdown over at Board Game Designers Forum. I required an ocean theme ('cause I'm a marine geologist) and a voting mechanic ('cause it's November). Eight good entries already, and there might be more before the day is through. I miss not entering, but it's fun seeing what people come up with. I was a little worried that I wouldn't attract any entries, but that's not been the case.


  1. Very cool that you're running a Challenge, Dave. I've always found your entries interesting, and I figured you'd come up with some good Challenge criteria.

    I'm a-blank on something to enter ... but you got me thinking about it. Wonder how many "thinking about it" folks you get for each entry submitted? ;-)

    Have fun running the show this month!
    -Matt Worden
    (former BGDF GDS Admin)

  2. Thanks - it's been fun so far. Nine entries, so not everybody stayed on the sidelines.