Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Mini cards (2.5"x1.75") now available at TheGameCrafter.com - this is a big deal; those could be super-useful for not only cards, but also currency, markers, tokens, abilities, etc.  They're far cheaper per card than the regular size at about nine cents a card (if you can get your game into sets of 32).  Very cool - this is one I've been waiting for.

UPDATE: The pricing for these cards isn't actually cheaper than the bigger cards, which is weird.  I was wrong.  I suppose that the cutting and handling are more difficult for these, but they're definitely saving on printing and ink, so I'm not sure what the economics are.


  1. I had been hand-making mini-cards for currency. This is definitely better. I will not miss having to use that damned corner chomper (100 cards * 4 corners = sore hand).

  2. Since I posted this, they actually made a quarter-size card available, at 1.25x1.75" They're cute little things, and they fit in stands to use as markers or tokens.

    One disappointment - I hadn't done the math when I wrote this - these mini cards aren't really any cheaper per card than the bigger ones.