Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another neat game design blog

By virtue of him noticing this blog, I noticed Brett Gilbert's blog, BrettSpiel.  Lots of great information there, including a series of articles on game design (his Game Design 101).  I'll need to dig deeper into his archives, but it looks like great stuff so far.  He's also trying to self-publish a game through a start-up company called Keyhole Games - an enterprise fairly parallel to mine here at Plankton Games, although Brett seems to have a good deal more experience in the board and card game industry than I do.

Not that I have the power to send traffic to anybody yet, with my lowly 40 visitors per day, some of them me, but I thought I'd include the link nonetheless.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Dave!!

    Thanks for noticing me noticing you (etc.) - I was really interested to read your posts about self-publishing, since, as you say, I am on that track myself... albeit moving very slowly right now.

    I'll continue to keep your blog in my feedreader and check back often. All the best for your own publishing ambitions!!!