Saturday, July 17, 2010

Promotional copies

An interesting thread over at BGDF about places to advertise your game, with a list of five on-line boardgame reviewers.  I think it will likely be worth sending out some promo copies to people if they actually come through with a review or commentary.  And it would be better, of course, if it is positive.  The promos are relatively inexpensive - if I get my printing costs down to $3-4 per game, and I can ship for maybe $4, then I could send out 10-12 promotional copies for under $100 - those are some workable numbers, but I'd have to limit it to sites with an appreciable readership, of which there are few.

1 comment:

  1. Even if the review are negative, this may have a good impact on sales.
    An article by someone stating he doesn't like the game for this and that reason may have people thinking "hey my tastes are different and I'd love that game!"
    All reviewers mentionned there are serious, and if/when they dislike a game, they always say why. At worst, you'll get good intel on making a better game ^^