Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yoggity photos!

Here are some images showing the new artwork for my game Yoggity.  The art is by Jason Greeno (at - he did a really great job.  The copy of the game here was produced by the new post-merge with SuperiorPOD.  It's the only one in existence, and it's been to New Mexico and back in my suitcase, so it's not 100% pristine,  It's a little glary because I took the pictures at 1:00 pm - couldn't get a good one from directly above because the sun was so high. The game isn't yet for sale - it's my entry into the Rio Grande game competition, so I haven't published it yet.  Depending on how the competition goes it might be available around December 2010 or maybe next year.  Anyway, enjoy, and click on the images if you'd like to see them bigger.


  1. The game looks great. You must be proud and excited to be moving forward with this.

  2. Thanks - I think it's really great. Jason did a great job with it. I can't wait for the Rio Grande contest in September.