Sunday, July 4, 2010

TGC now printing more stuff in color

I got my new version of Yoggity with the art from Jason Greeno ( from, and it looks pretty great.  Something I didn't know - they are now printing rules in color (looks like color laser printing), and they're including two stickers, both in color, one stuck to the outside of the box and one inside.

I think the colors on this run seem less dark, too - my older stuff from them has always come out darker than the images I submit.

This is the first game (of about 12) that I've ordered alone, and it came with the shipping stuff and priority mail tape all over it - not ideal, but the game components look really good.  They use an outer box if you order more than one thing at a time, so your game boxes stay more pristine.

Pictures of the new version soon.


  1. Glad to hear it! Looking forward to your photos.


  2. Dave, I'm a Dave too. I've discovered your blog through TGC and went back and read all your blog entries. Great stuff!

    I'm here in Apex, NC (right outside of Raleigh) ever come over this way?

    I'm a few months (years?) behind you in the development/production of my game(s), so I'm gaining a lot of insight by letting you do all the hard stuff. :)

    Seriously, keep up the great work!


  3. I'm glad you've found it helpful. I get to the Raleigh area maybe once every year or two for various reasons, often related to RDU airport, but I've never been to Apex.

    Good luck with your Virtue project - looks like you're off to a good start..