Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stock options

Michael Keller over at Game Designer Wannabe has formed his own publishing company and apparently issued stock certificates.  Pretty awesome.  I've got my LLC in place and registered with the state, which was not cheap, and the city now wants me to buy a privilege license, which will be another chunk of money.

As for the ownership of the company, I haven't felt the need to issue stock, since I don't have any other investors or owners, but I guess I might get there someday.  It would be fun, anyway, but probably not worth the legal hassle at this point.


  1. Dave, the reason I went with a corporation (and when you form a corporation you have to issue stock) instead of an LLC is that I was advised that it is much more expensive to do an LLC in terms of start-up costs. The advantage of an LLC mostly relates to taxes later on, but I don't expect my corporate revenues to be high enough to justify the startup costs of the LLC.

    Disclaimer: the above is NOT legal advice, even if you live in NY state. It is my understanding based on what I was told by someone from the Small Business Development Corporation, but don't take my word for it.

  2. What is this LLC, can you pleas inform us non US people of the two options and how they differ. We have a simular system in Sweden but we have 5 diferent types of companies we can chouse from depending on several difrent factors. So it would be nice to get an insight in how youre system works aswell.