Friday, March 19, 2010

Even more on boxes

I bought some of these boxes from to box up print-on-demand versions of Diggity to share with friends. I got style 07350, the 4"x3"x2", which are a bit too big for my decks of cards (poker size, at 3.5"x2.5"x1.5"), but they work OK. The boxes come as unfolded stamped sheets, so you have to fold them together, but that's not too hard. They're white corrugated (like a pizza delivery box), so not too fancy. I bought some of these stickers from, which were the perfect size to go on top of the boxes. They come with a downloadable template for MS Word or other word processing programs, so it was easy to convert my cover art to fit into the sticker templates. I printed them out on a color laser printer, which gave good results, and stuck them to the top of the boxes.

Not very elegant, and probably not anything that I could put in an actual retail environment, but it worked for homebrew copies, and at a total of $0.24 cents per labeled box, the price is right.

I hadn't seen these boxes - they look like a better size, and they come in a two-piece format.  But they look like they might be flimsy, like those cheap gift boxes you get for shirts at department stores.  Nothing you could ship in, and probably not something that would stand up to being crammed on a shelf.

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