Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TGC outsourcing to SuperiorPOD?

So, some customers at TGC have been getting shipping notifications from a Jeff Valent with regard to their orders.  See here. That would seem to explain the TGC "move" and all that - my guess is they've either merged with or outsourced their printing to SuperiorPOD, which is run by Jeff Valent and is located in New York.

I don't think that's necessarily a cause for concern; I've gotten good products from both companies, as I described here. My order was extremely delayed (and communication very limited) with SuperiorPOD, so I wasn't too happy with that, but that could have been a one-time thing, or TGC may help them fix it.  TGC's web interface and web site (and I think business model) is way, way better and easier to use than SuperiorPOD's was, and their customer service has been great for me.  They seem to have retained their employees through the transition, too, so that's good.

Interesting, though - I wonder why TGC chose to keep this secret?

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  1. That seems to explain their quick and short response about no visitors.