Thursday, May 20, 2010

Games with connecting cards

Here is the mockup card for Diggity I mentioned yesterday.  The green connections are the new ones; the red the old.  Just that little shift in layout has helped a lot.

I love games with connecting cards, but it's a bit hard to pull off graphically.  One of my other games in development (really long, like decade-long development) has this too.  This is Galapagos, where the cards are body parts for creatures that are interchangeable, kind of like those children's books where you can connect different animal heads on different animal bodies, or different people heads on different uniforms.  With six different body part types, that gets confusing, and very hard to draw, especially for someone of my limited artistic abilities.

That layout difficulty may be why more games don't do this.  I saw one new release, Hagoth, the other day which has this as a part of the rules, and my interest was immediately piqued.  I may have to give this one a try.  It's got a subtle Mormon theme - something I haven't seen before - but I don't think Mormonism is at all central to the game.  It comes from a pretty active game design group in Utah, and I guess everybody designs from what they think about a lot.

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