Thursday, May 6, 2010

Small World for iPad

Brett over at BrettSpiel has a detailed review of the game Small World implemented for iPad.  I'd discussed the iPad as a game platform earlier here and here.  I haven't played this game yet, either in its traditional cardboard form or on the iPad, although it's been highly recommended by my brother and others.  It sounds like they've done a pretty good job of implementing it, and that it's a good match for a computer-based platform (e.g. little hidden info, not much luck, benefits from the graphics, animations, sounds, and computational power).  I'd be curious to have a look for myself.

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  1. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the plug! And I hope you get a chance to try out Small World soon. I hadn't played the cardboard version, but the iPad edition is a really smart implementation and is developing all the time. Within a day or two of my post a new version was on the app store that included some of the things I thought were missing, and I think DoW are committed to making the app a really top-class one.