Thursday, May 13, 2010

MWGames on

Matt Worden has a post reviewing, where I have so far published my games. His thoughts run mostly where mine do (see here and here).  I have been less troubled by the lack of sturdy gameboards than other TGC users - I've printed up a couple of games that use boards (Galapagos and Yoggity, not released to the public yet), and the 10x16 boards they provide have been perfectly fine.  I agree about the boxes they use; if they could find a way to add some standard chipboard setup boxes, maybe with a sticker label or insert, then they'd pretty much have achieved everything you'd need for true print-on-demand game manufacturing.  As it stands now, all the components are great, but the box issue (petty and non-essential as that part of it seems) leaves a pretty big hole in terms of professional appearance.

However, it seems a little punky to get hung up on this, when the rest of the operation is so flexible, so complete, and so well-run.  I'd still recommend it to anybody.

Matt Drake doesn't seem so happy with TGC printing and components, speaking as a consumer rather than a publisher.  I haven't had the problems he describes with the cards not shuffling well (at least after they're broken in a little), so maybe he had a different experience or different standards.

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