Saturday, August 7, 2010

Game design blog

Here's a new blog, Inspiration to Publication ( that looks at bringing a game to publication.  The author, whose name actually doesn't appear in the blog other than in the first post, is Jay Cormier, who (with his design partner Sen) has a few games coming out over the next year or so from Tasty Minstrel Games, who I've written about some before, and ToyVault, who I hadn't heard of but who seems to be a combination licensed-toy/boardgame manufacturer.

Some interesting ideas, and some good advice, but not a lot of specifics yet.  I've added him to my feed list.

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  1. Thanks for the promo Dave (this is Jay Cormier!). While I'm not new to game design - I am new to blogging...but it's been a fun learning curve so far. I'll add your blog to my feed as well...thanks!!