Thursday, August 19, 2010


My daughter taught me Stress today.  Interesting game, but the design is weird.  The game is set up (and the object stated in such a way) so that it appears to be better to be faster at making matches.  However, if both players are competent (not even good, just competent), then the whole thing boils down to endgame, and who can set up the last winning play first.  The first 95% of the game is exciting but mostly irrelevant, since the faster player will nearly always end up just waiting for the slower one, who gains control of the game, because the faster player will be out of "smart" plays.  The faster player can try some tricky moves designed to hinder or trick the slower one, but it's mostly beyond his or her control.

I might have to play it some more, and play deliberately slowly, to see if the slower player can actually always engineer a win by virtue of control of the game and more options with the cards.  I suspect that might be possible, which would make the best strategy actually the opposite of how it seems upon first glance.

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