Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yoggity help cards

I ordered copies of Yoggity for the Rio Grande competition today.  I added some informational cards - I hope they help the players at the Memphis GameCon understand the game more quickly.  TGC has shifted their card sheets to 18 cards, so I had some extra cards available for free thanks to the reformat, so luckily I get more cards for the same price.

Images are below - many games now have this kind of thing, and I think it sums up what you're supposed to do pretty well.  People will still have to consult the rules for the details, but hopefully this will help the learning curve. I'm probably going to do it for Diggity, too.  These images include a margin on the edge that would be cut off in printing, so there's not as much blue as it seems.


  1. Is that competition not over yet? I thought it was and they already have decided on some vinners... (not clear who won but I heard Rio decided to publish 4 games)

  2. Some of the regional competitions are over, but the one I'm entering is not.

  3. The final decisions are supposed to be made at the Chitag conference in November.

    See here:

  4. Aha! I hate those copettions, mostle due to the fact that its so expensive to go to the US for a weekend convention... =(

    Why is it there is not sutch copetion in Sweden =(