Sunday, April 11, 2010

Old-fashioned parlor games

I know there are some party games, like Charades and Dictionary, which have their roots in Victorian parlor games. Others are more physical, like blind man's bluff, or pin the tail on the donkey. These have mostly shifted to be kids' games.

But some were just weird. See this description of a game called "Are you there, Moriarty?" Also, this article in Tin House (via Boardgame News) is a funny look at some of the old-school games people used to play. It's hard to imagine anybody (or at least anybody not under the influence of a controlled substance) in our current cynical world agreeing to do these things, while the supposedly prudish Victorian gentlefolk were willing to flop about like a fish on the floor whacking each other with newspapers while wearing baby bonnets. Pretty amazing.

P.S. - here's another fun article by Danielle Levanas about parlor games (I also lifted the picture above from there, although it looks like it's originally from somewhere else).

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