Saturday, April 17, 2010

Speed Snood

I just ran across this video of a guy playing the GameBoy Advance version of my game, Snood, about as fast as I can imagine it being played.  I'm not sure how he's doing it, but it's pretty impressive.

It's always interesting seeing how games you create end up being used.  In the case of Snood, I've never actually been very good at it, although I get a lot of practice in whenever I do an update.  My wife has always been able to thrash me, and some folks (like this guy on YouTube) are remarkably good.

Being responsible for other people's obsessions is a little bit weird - that's been kind of a constant oddity in the background of my experience with Snood all these years.  It's mostly been positive, although occasionally a little creepy.  I don't know how (or if) it will translate into boardgames, but we'll see.

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