Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trouble getting printing quotes

I've been having some trouble getting quotes from printers for my publishing run, a process I've been working on since last December or so.  In defense of the printers, I imagine these companies are approached for quotes all the time by small-timers like myself, and most of these quotes don't turn into orders, but it still seems kind of weird how little response I get when trying to buy their services.  It almost seems like these companies don't want new business.  

Anyway, here's a summary of my requests and their results - I've left the names off, since this isn't meant as a review of the individual companies, and my personal experience might not match their typical behavior.  The requests were essentially the same, for print runs of various sizes from about 2,000 to 10,000 of a 96-card deck with a box.
  • Quote Request #1 (domestic): Quick initial response with full pricing; follow up questions answered; but then a request for requote for different packaging has gone unanswered for a month later despite several requests and assurances that it was coming
  • Quote Request #2 (foreign): Quick response with full, detailed pricing.
  • Quote Request #3 (foreign): No response, of any kind, ever.
  • Quote Request #4 (hybrid foreign/domestic): Quick response with printing costs but not packaging; much higher than competitors.
  • Quote Request #5 (foreign): Short e-mail response after about 10 days, was told I'd get a quote after a holiday had passed; nothing since
  • Quote Request #6 (hybrid foreign/domestic): No response to first e-mail; after second e-mail, printer requested a phone number to call with some questions; I provided it promptly, but there's been no phone call or further response
  • Quote Request #7 (foreign): Quick response; repeated follow-up from the sales rep; but my other research indicates potentially serious quality issues with this printer
I think that's all of them.  So, of the seven, I've had essentially one experience (#2) that gave me any confidence that I'd be dealing with somebody who both gives a damn about my order and would produce anything of appropriate quality at a reasonable price. Not too great, especially when I'm considering spending reasonably large pile of cash, and even worse when it's potentially going overseas where my options for recourse are very limited.  I'm actually pretty reluctant to work with anybody that I have to prod to give me a quote or respond to my questions, but that seems unfortunately like the norm for these guys.

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of boardgame publishers! I've had very similar experiences, and I agree. It's extremely frustrating.